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Leroy B. Campbell

( 1873 - ) USA

Leroy B. Campbell was born in Steuben County, NY, in 1873. He was educated at the Central State Normal School, Lock Haven, PA, and at Oberlin College and Conservatory. His musical studies were continued for five years in London, Paris, Leipzig, Berlin, and Vienna. Among his teachers may be mentioned Van Bose, Fielk, Swayne, Lovette, Breithaupt, and Isodor Philipp (piano). In theory and composition he studied with George W. Andrews, Quasdorf, Jadassohn, and Reinecke. He was selected by Dr. Hadassohn to translate his last work on harmony into English. Nr. Campbell was one of six honor students appointed for Dr. Reinecke’s free class in composition held at his home in Leipzig. Mr. Campbell has been a close student in psychology, pedagogy, and related sciences, and has specialized in the teaching field, His also well known in the musical world as a composer, lecturer, and writer on musical art and educational subjects; in fact, he has written no less than fifty articles of musical papers, three of these being prize essays. Hs is the author of ‘Side-Lights on Modern Piano Playing’ and ‘Relaxation in Piano Playing’. Among his best-known compositions are ‘Baba Yaga’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ (a suite), ‘Boat Song’, ‘Scottish Poem’, ‘Mediterranean Idyl’, ‘Cinderella Suite’, and ‘Musical Pastimes’. Mr. Campbell has made eight European tours, covering twenty-nine different countries. One of these trips was made expressly to study the music of Norway, Sweden, and Russia. He was the founder and director of the Warren Conservatory of Music at Warren, PA.

Books/Sheet Music

  • The Brownie at the Brook (written in: 1921) , 6 pages -- Download PDF

Individual Compositions